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Friends Only~

Posted on 2013.04.23 at 10:30
Just a little place-holder note that this journal's pretty much friend's only now ;D

Comment to be added and all that jazz~

Penguindrum - perv

Mawaru Penguindrum: Welcome to the Annex

Posted on 2012.02.02 at 01:42
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The first of, hopefully, many Penguindrum shoots! I was so happy when more people started watching it, and even happier when Lisa said she was cosplaying Sanetoshi after only watching the one episode he was in. XD We do plan to do their MORE FABULOUS versions, but this'll do for now! That angrybird penguin hat really wasn't fun to make, and neither was painting all the stripes on my blouse, but I think/hope it worked out okay for the shoot. 83

Only in a dream - the library's Sky Branch.Collapse )

Bride of Fate
Welcome to the Annex

Cosplaying from Mawaru Penguindrum.

Himari Takakura - Siera (clamwings) @ devART
Sanetoshi Watase - Lisa @ devART
Photography - Elias @ devART
Helpers - Mel and Sam
Make up - Annie/annie_chan and Mel
Location: State Library of Victoria


RG Veda: Kendappa & Soma

Posted on 2011.11.24 at 13:14
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Well uploading this shoot is only a year late! TBH, it was such a massive shoot, that I've been quite daunted with having to pick and choose through each photographers shots...so this collection's a bit smaller than it could possibly be, but quality over quantity, right? XD

That said, our shoot day was such a wonderful one. We had so many friends come help out and just chillax after the hyped-up week-end of Animania.

Two Stars in HeavenCollapse )

On devART:
RG Veda - Heaven
RG Veda - Two Stars
RG Veda - Pawns of Prophecy
RG Veda - The Sixth Star

Cosplaying from RG Veda.

Kendappa-ou - Siera ([info]clamwings ) at devART
Soma-ou - Suri (athira) at devART
Photography - ...various XD; Nevar (devART), Shiroin (devART), Straw (devART), Rachel (devART), Usagi (devART).
Helpers and Skye/astellecia, Miyu/miyukiko, Miley/alejendou, Jess & Tess.
Make up, costumes and styling by ourselves.
Location: Chinese Gardends of Friendship, Sydney (NSW).

VOCALOID: Miku dance

Vocaloid: 1925

Posted on 2011.05.12 at 23:56
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This was the last costume I made in 2010, just about a week before Christmas for CrackCon3! Everything was literally made the day before - this is what happens when I'm indecisive OTL; But luckily all the fabric was just lying around from previous projects, and I just had to get a few more press studs and raid a few cereal boxes for cardboard for the hat! XD;

Despite being a week before Christmas, it was still quite chilly and there was a bit of a breeze around, silly Melbourne weather! Thank-you so much to Eli for meeting me before the event for these photos! It's been quite a while since I've shot in Melbourne alley ways~

The First ConductorCollapse )

Cosplaying from VOCALOID2 (1925 PV).

Hatsune Miku - Siera (clamwings ) at devART
Photography - Elias Lopez (devART)
Location: ACDC Lane, Melbourne.


Mobile phone no. regathering

Posted on 2011.02.25 at 17:17
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Head - Star Driver OST1

Just received my new phone - third time lucky?

Please leave me a comment with your number if you haven't contacted me in the last week, or if your number's changed from this post. My number's the same as it's always been.

All comments screened.

Doll - swaying in a dream

Star Driver: Without turning back

Posted on 2011.02.01 at 17:49
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Current Music: Monochrome ~version de l'apprivoiser - Tomatsu Haruka
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Last week, just after the release of the Monochrome Mini-OST, I got to shoot Sakana-chan's going away dress with some very wonderful friends. My love for Star Driver is just ridiculous and growing each week, so it made me so so happy to be able to shoot this!

I started making the dress back at the star of December, so it was good to finish that after having it sitting around near-finished for a month, too! I was lucky and sourced the hat and suitcase from my local op shop, for the grand total of $8.50! 8D It's a bargain! My friend and helper, Annie, was also lovely enough to let me borrow her parasol for this shoot <3

This location's one that I'm very fond of, and have shot there three times now, but it's never been as windy as it was for this shoot! Having my dress, wig and hat behave was an impossible task XD Future reference! Hat elastics for all hats plz!

Each follows our own paths (good-bye little island)Collapse )

On devART:
None yet.

Cosplaying from Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto.

Sakana-chan/Fish Girl - Siera (clamwings ) at devART
Photography - Elias Lopez (devART) and Mark Sombillo (devART)
Helper-chan and lender of parasol - Annie/annie_chan
Location: Port Melbourne, Australia.

MF: Sheryl flower

Macross Frontier: Amongst the Stars

Posted on 2011.01.05 at 23:42
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Current Music: Eau de Vie - Yasuharu Takanashi
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Finally getting around to putting up photos from our Macross Frontier shoot during Manifest in August! This shoot had been in the planning process since January last year, so it's been really nice to see it all come together and work with a lot of new people on it.

Thank-you soooo much to absolutely anyone and everybody who was involved in anything during this shoot and the preparation for it, it really wouldn't have to come together without you. This has been my first time having a more major part in organising a group this size, so it was all a bit daunting, but came together in the end, and I'm very happy with the results. =3

Melbourne's Eureka Tower is the second talest in Australia, and the Skydeck/viewing platform where we shot is 88 floors above the rest of the city.

Atop the Star Dazzlin' deckCollapse )

On devART:
None yet.

Cosplaying from Macross Frontier.
Alto Saotome - Aly (princealy ) at devART
Sheryl Nome - Siera (clamwings ) at devART
Ranka Lee - Miley at devART
Ozma Lee - Kenny at devART
Brera Stern - Minh (minhhhhh ) at devART
Mikael Blank - K (k_chan009 ) at devART
Luka Angeloni - Yumi (rurumi ) at devART
Klan Klan - Siami at devART
Photography - Elias Lopez (devART) and Mark Sombillo (devART)
Make up, costumes and styling by ourselves.
Specialist make up artist styling for Sheryl, Ranka and Klan by Annie/annie_chan 
Post processing by myself.
Location: Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne (Australia).

Kobato luv &lt;3

CLAMP: CCS and Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Posted on 2010.08.28 at 15:11
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Current Music: Electric Twist - A Fine Frenzy
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I thought I was doing really well with minimal CLAMP cosplay....until this year. So it's all crazy proportions, looking like a 12-year old and super eyelashes! Just two small shoots, one from Tokyo a few months ago, and another from AVCon a few weeks ago!

I am a dreamerCollapse )

On devART:
Sakura - Wish
Sakura - I am a dreamer

Cosplaying from Cardcaptor Sakura.
Sakura - Siera (clamwings ) at devART
Syaoran - Christie (moonblader ) at devART
Photography - Err...a combination of Christie, me and slykura ? 8D;
Make up by ourselves, wig borrowed from Aly <3 costumes and styling by ourselves.
Post processing by myself.
Location: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo - JAPAN!

The story here is that I really wasn't planning on going to AVCon, and had even joked to Aly about rocking up as Miyuki-chan for 'CLAMPcon'...and then I was on the phone to Judith who was telling me how she was going to cosplay one of the card girls from Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland. OTL; Ten hours later, I had a new costume and an old wig that needed some toast to accompany it!

I has a toostCollapse )

On devART:
None yet.

Cosplaying from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.
Miyuki-chan - Siera (clamwings ) at devART
Card girl - Judith (xiao_huli_chan ) at devART
Photography - kawaii_mon  and katewonder 
Make up, costumes and styling by ourselves.
Post processing by myself.
Location: Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide - South Australia.

Kobato luv &lt;3

Manifest 2010 - Quick run down, ILY EVERYONE!

Posted on 2010.08.25 at 00:57
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Current Music: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 2) - Pink Floyd
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Okay! Just a quick few key shots of costumes over Manifest in case I don't get a chance to write an actual report...which is quite likely. Somehow, this marked my 5th Manifest and 3rd year cosplaying - time flies when you're having fun?

I don't think I'll ever be able to thank everyone enough for making the con what it was. It was saved for me so many times by amazing friends...I don't even know man! XD But always a wonderful time, even if it did seem a bit smaller this year. Got to see a lot of people, go to more events than usual and completely fail at driving in the city! Fun times!
Manifest costume run downCollapse )

But as per entry title. Just. ILY everyone. If you were at Manifest, you were wonderful and amazing and made the con what it is. I don't think I can write a giant list of names because I'm bound to accidently forget someone, but kudos also to the organisers and volunteers. The ones I had contact with over the week-end were nothing but helpful, insightful and understanding, which is so much appreciated, and goes a very long way.

And lastly:

Mmm yees. And my blue sari fabric from India came in for my SydMAINia costume today! It's a sign! 83 Hope everyone got home safe and is recovering from sleep/food/sanity deprivation and con plague!

MF: Sheryl flower

Final Fantasy: Dissidia - Terra Branford

Posted on 2010.07.08 at 11:33
Current Mood: uncomfortableunproductive
Current Music: When the First Love Ends - Hatsune Miku
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Six months late for posting a photoshoot? Yeah...that sounds about right. But! In my defence, I've been waiting/hoping for more photos of this shoot and just realised that I won't be getting anymore. But that's okay, I'm really happy with how these few turned out, and I know I have  to have another shoot with Terra once I finish making her sword anyway!

For more details on this costume, I suggest running over here to read my failtastic TL;DR artist comments. But long story short, this was made in two weeks on my new sewing machine. It has over $70 of beads and I believe there's not a part of it that hasn't been hand painted or dyed in some way or another. I'm also completely smitten and in love with how Aly did my make up, makes me feel so pretty! 83 And someone on deviantART just commented on one of my Doll pics saying that I look a bit like Lady Gaga...best compliment evar?!

Image BIGCollapse )

On devART:
Terra - Phantasmal Girl
Terra - Memory Loss

Cosplaying from Final Fantasy: Dissidia.
Terra - Siera ([info]clamwings ) at devART
Photography - Sam at devART
Make up by Aly, wig borrowed from K, costumes and styling by myself.
Post processing by Sam and myself.
Location: University of Western Australia, Perth.

And the rest of the team!
Huge thank-yous to all of the photographers and helpers that came along to help on the day...I don't think I could possibly remember everyone that as there, now D:
Squall - Aly ([info]cielrose ) at devART
Tidus - Min (twinkl33 ) at devART
Zidane - Dawn at devART
Cloud of Darkness - Star at devART
Kuja - K ([info]k_chan009 ) at devART
Ultimecia - Chrystal at devART

Sam's  Gallery
Lisa's Gallery

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